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Washed Sand, Stone & Concrete Products



Once you have plans set in place and have checked the weather forecast, give us a call. Your best bet is to call at least a day or two ahead to ensure availability. We will do our best to accommodate the time that you want.

When you call, it is best to have all ordering information readily available.  We will be more than happy to assist you in your questions. We will query you for the questions that are most common, but you should research some things; such as

1. What mix am I going to be using?

2. Do I need any admixtures?

3. Do I need to give special directions for the truck?

4. How many cubic yards of concrete do I need?(see our calculator)

5. How much time do you need in between trucks (if more than one truck is used)?

6. How would you like to pay? Boro Sand & Stone Corp. accepts the following credit cards:
(Boro Sand & Stone Corp. also accepts checks and cash payments.)

Be sure to remember to write down the delivery date and time. If you plans should change, remember to call us and let us know! Having some answers to these questions will save time and assist in the process going as smoothly as possible.

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