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The technology available to today’s concrete user is such that it will allow him or her the ability to do nearly anything imaginable. If the weather is cold, you have the ability to utilize accelerating admixtures that will help the concrete set up quicker. There are many other options available, as well. Check out our brochure for current pricing, or call us for a custom quote.

Boro – a quality mix.

1% / 2% accelerator – a calcium chloride-based admixture that speeds up the set time of concrete. This is useful in cold weather to help the concrete set quicker. Concrete should set up at least an hour quicker than a non-accelerated batch, and after three days, concrete batched with 1% / 2% accelerator is from 20% to 30% stronger than a non-accelerated batch. Chloride-based admixtures are not recommended to be used when reinforcing steel is used, or when the concrete is placed on metal decks.

1% / 2% non-chloride accelerator – performs a similar function to traditional chloride accelerator but is non-corrosive. Sets up concrete quicker by speeding up the hydration of the mix. Typically also increases the compressive strength of the concrete.

Winter Concrete (Hot Water) – used in the winter to help maintain consistent concrete temperature.

Retarder – An admixture which increases the time it takes for the concrete to set up. This can be useful when delicate or complicated finishes are required, or when the delivery site is located some distance from the batch plant.

Water Reducer – Water reducers can be used to increase slump, lower the water-cement ratio, or reduce cement content. They also slow the setting rate of concrete. These admixtures form highly flowable concrete that achieves great strengths. An example of the usefulness of this may be when pumping through a concrete pump. Having concrete with too little slump can cause the concrete to bind inside the hose. Water reducers also work particularly well in hot weather conditions to prevent the accelerating effect of high temperatures.

High-Range Water Reducers are used in concrete with a slump of 8 to 11 inches.

Mid-Range Water Reducers are used in concrete with a slump of 5 to 7 inches.

Silica Fume – Concrete containing silica fume can have very high strength and can be very durable.

Lamp Black – is a carbon admixture to blacken the appearance of concrete.

Colored Concrete – is offered in a wide range of pallets. These admixtures are especially useful in areas that demand visual attention, i.e. driveways or patios. The appearance options you have are nearly limitless; contact us today for more information.

Fiber Mesh – is a high-tech admixture which is batched into the concrete.  Fibers help to control plastic shrinkage cracks.

Pump Mix – A mix which is modified to aid in the pumpability of the concrete.

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