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It all leads up to this – the concrete mixer pulls into your work area, extends the chute, and then….. what?

Before the trucks arrive, make sure you have all the tools you need. Also, make sure you have some safety gear – concrete is a chemical and can cause burns and irritations. Some tall rubber  boots and safety goggles are a must to walk through the concrete after it is placed as you work.

Something else to remember is that, when concrete trucks are done placing, they need to wash out. This is done on site and must be provided for by you.

Again, the entire process of placing concrete is planning, so be prepared for this time. The first thing you will need to do when the mixer arrives is direct it where to pour. Remember that mixers are extremely heavy; a full on will do considerable damage on a lawn and can even damage sidewalks and curbing. It is best to minimize off-road travel as much as possible. Once the truck is positioned, be careful when walking around the truck. Chutes and other protrusions should be watched out for. Do not walk underneath a chute.

If you have questions, ask the driver. Most of our drivers are familiar with the scenario and can probably give you some advice on the basics.

Make sure you know what slump you want, and check it before you begin unloading the entire truck. The general rule of thumb is that one gallon of water per yard of concrete increases the slump by one inch. Your driver is experienced with this and can help out.

Start at the far end of your site and work backward. This will help ensure the concrete is placed properly and you won’t need to shovel it around too much. If you have never placed concrete before, you are better off taking it slowly than to get into trouble over placing. Start out with small loads of a few cubic yards so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Once the concrete is placed, you have settled your bill, and the driver has left, you begin FINISHING your placed concrete.


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