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Washed Sand, Stone & Concrete Products


Washed Sand & Stone Products

Our namesake, Boro offers many different sand and stone products for all your needs. Whether you are building your own sandbox for the kids, need to melt some ice in the parking lot of your business, or need subgrade material for your new patio, Boro has you covered. All materials can be either picked up at the plant or delivered.

Washed Concrete Sand – ASTM C33 – Ideal for mixing with cement to make concrete.

Mason Sand – finer gradation for making masonry mortar.

3/8” Washed Stone

¾” Washed Stone

1 ½” Washed Stone

Stone Dust – a popular material in the landscaping trade. Stone dust has some “set” to it and firms better than sand. Stone dust is useful, for instance, between patio blocks to lock them into position.

Loam – a loose soil which is made up of clay, sand, and organic material. Loam is very fertile.

Sand & Salt Mix – ideal for winter conditions to aid in preventing slips and falls. Sand & salt mixture reduces the freezing point of water, effectively melting ice.

Icemelt - sold by the bag

Bagged Portland Cement – for the home do-it yourselfer

Materials can be loaded or shoveled onto a pickup truck at our facility.

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